Frequently Asked Questions

I just got here. What’s Juked all about? 

Juked is a social platform for esports fans. Our goal is to connect esports fans through the games and teams they love, and help fans find a community of equally passionate individuals to discuss everything they care about in esports: news, tournaments, matches, meta, and beyond.

What am I allowed to post on Juked?

Our bread and butter is to facilitate discussion of professional esports and organized competition, however posts related to gaming (metas, strategies, questions, game news) are also welcome on the platform.

This said, we do not encourage low effort posts or posts that have no connection with gaming. So please do not post pictures of your pets and other non-gaming related things. We ask you to respect this or your content may be removed.

How does tagging work / what should I tag?

Tags work similarly to posting to a subreddit in that you don't necessarily need to have a lot of followers to share your content/analysis/memes and reach the relevant members of the Juked community.

When a post is created, use tags to indicate what community should see this content. So if you create a Rocket League-related post, make sure to use the @Rocket League tag so that the relevant fans will have a chance to see and interact with your content. The same thing works for esports teams: for example, if you're posting about 100 Thieves new VALORANT roster move, tag @100Thieves_VAL. Be sure to use the appropriate tags to reach the right audience on Juked.

However, you should only tag the esports games, teams, or categories that are relevant to your post. Tagging irrelevant categories to farm views or share non-esports related content is against our terms of service and repeated mis-use may result in administrative action.

✅ Examples of acceptable posts: 

Hey @Rocket League fam! How’s the ranked grind going? I’m struggling to get out of Diamond, any tips on how to improve?  

What was the first event that got you into following esports? @Other Games

What do you think the biggest difference in skill sets between @VALORANT and @CS:GO are? 

Check out this link to breaking news about about ESL/FACEIT being bought for $1.5 billion @Industry News

Who's excited for @VALORANT VCT Masters this weekend? I can't wait to root for @The Guard_VAL!

❌ Examples of unacceptable posts:

Suh dudes? @Rocket League @Industry News

Hey @Rocket League, here’s a picture of my pet her name is dunko

Follow me! I follow back @Industry News @Other Games @VALORANT @CS:GO @Overwatch @Call of Duty @League of Legends

For more details, please review our content policy.

What is the "@Other Games" and @Industry News tags for?

@Other Games tag is used for all gaming related posts that are not affiliated with any of the other individual game categories that we currently support.

@Industry News is for industry news that transcends any one game. Good examples would be “TSM signs a new Crypto sponsor" or a lengthy analysis/recap of all the biggest news of the week that covers multiple games. Some game specific news that is so big that anyone who follows esports might be interested in it like can also be tagged as Industry News, i.e. "Faker retires" or "Daigo wins Evo 2022."

Why can’t I log into my account on’s website?

The website and the Juked app are separate products that don’t share user accounts. We plan to revamp the website to be consistent with the Juked app experience later this year, but for now, Juked accounts on web and app will be entirely separate.

How do I get verified on Juked?

We review verification applications every 2 weeks. To apply, please fill out this request form .

How do I report someone?

To report a post, comment, or reply, click the “...” at the top right of the post. You will see a menu of options appear with “Report” being one of them. The Juked moderation team will receive a notice to review this post, comment, reply, or user to determine if action needs to be taken.Currently, you will not receive a notification as to whether any action was taken.How can I contact support for other concerns?

Email [email protected] or join our Discord server and ask your question via the #support channel.

Where do I submit feedback on the app?

The best place to submit your feedback or ideas on how to improve Juked is to join the official Juked Discord server and send us your ideas via the #feedback channel. We’re always excited to hear what you think about the app and how we can improve, so don’t hesitate to get in touch!

How do I get my team/org on the app?

You’ll want to create a new user account through the standard sign up form. If you’ve already signed up on Juked with your main phone number, you may need to use a new phone number to sign up. We recommend using Google Voice to easily create a free new phone number if it is available in your region. 

If you are a tier 1 org, we have reserved some of the top team usernames. If you try using the team username and it says it’s taken, contact [email protected] and our team will unlock it for you after providing proper verification of identity.

Why isn’t team X on the app?

Our teams database comes from an esports data API called Abios who do an incredible job of supporting Tier 1 esports tournaments, however they may not support smaller grass roots tournaments and teams. If you don’t see your team and believe it should be included, please email [email protected] with all of your team details and the Juked team will review it. 

If you are an esports team owner and want to create an official account for your org so that you can post news and interact with fans, you are welcome and encouraged to do so and may apply for verification for your account.

Why do I see the same posts at the top of my feed all the time?

You are most likely using the Hot feed which are the most popular post of the last 12+ hours ordered accordingly. We have a home feed filter setting if you click on the icon in the top right corner of the home feed that allows you to toggle between “Hot” and “Newest.” If your feed is feeling a little stale, try switching to new and see how it feels! 

Why am I seeing “@    “ (blank) for my user name?

We had a bug where if you’ve chosen a username that has already been taken, your username will show up blank. Update your app from the app store and you’ll be asked to select another username the next time you launch the app.

If you still have questions that this FAQ did not answer, please join our official Discord server and let us know your question in the #support channel.